Saturday, September 27, 2008


This vacation I was there in Delhi the capital city of India so I visited one of the most important place in Delhi that is the famous BAHA'I HOUSE OF WORSHIP better known as the LOTUS TEMPLE
In the heart of New Delhi, the bustling capital of India, a lotus shaped outline has etched itself on the consciousness of the city's inhabitants, capturing their imagination, fuelling their curiosity and revolutionizing the concept of worship. This is the Baha'I mashriqu'l-Adhar, better known as the LOTUS TEMPLE
AS an evocative symbol of beauty and purity, representative of divinity, the lotus flower remains unsurpassed in Indian iconography. Rising up pure and unsullied from stagnant water. The lotus represents the manifestation of god
The lotus temple provides one of the rare exceptions with its remarkable fusion of ancient concept, modern engineering skill, and architectural inspiration.
When I enter in side the gate I saw the beautiful picture of green gardens in between the green gardens a big Wight Lotus and feel like a heaven
Inside the prayer hall it is divine as you enter you witness peace and spirituality as if you are witnessing god as u meditate in silence. And I thought that my trip to LOTUS TEMPLE is 100% worth it


venus66 said...

Very informative. Thank yhou.

Uj said...

We had visited this temple when I was in my 7th. still remember this place. It was kind of silent and loved the architecture :)

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